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Size: 12"

YFERE - zirkel 12''

''This full-length record with eight songs has been recorded and mixed by Thomas Kempf (ZANN, PETE THE PIRATE SQUID) and mastered by Jason Sanderson (ROLO TOMASSI, LAVOTCHKIN).
As you may have noticed, the early days' heavily Mid-90's Screamo influenced sound, that helped YFERE to release on renowned labels APE MUST NOT KILL APE and DENOVALI, has evolved into a more specific, black metal-ish, gritty, dark and hyperactive hardcore noise. Thematically "Zirkel" (german for "cycle") deals with the ubiquity of cycles which in the continuous mist of change, are opened, explored, closed and rediscovered constantly. The songs reflect on how cycles interweave and construct complex relationships, which dominate our thoughts and actions, how they self-reflexively enlarge and consolidate life, the mind, the world and our existence within and our view on it. The LP comes in a nice gatefold cover. All records including a download-code.''

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